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Kindermusik Sing & Play

14 months to 2 1/2 years



Get ready to sing, play, and move with your little one in this high-energy music class designed to be just right for those active walkers under 2 1/2 years of age. This new Kindermusik curriculum focuses on your child's beginning movement, helping to build the muscles your baby needs to walk, and vocal development, helping to nurture your child's speaking and singing voice. With a mix of both parent-child joint activities and child-focused activities, you'll be able to join right in on all the singing and dancing while also getting the chance to observe how your older baby or toddler learns on her own. Embark on Kindermusik's fun new exploration of singing, swaying, laughing, and playing through Sing & Play, a just-right mix of early-childhood vocal play and language development, together time, and music and movement activities!


"Kindermusik has been a fun way for my daughter to experience music and social opportunities with kids her own age. She loves it!"  Audrey



Age Range: 14 months to 2 1/2 years old
Class Structure: 15 classes in a session
Class Length: 45 minute class each week beginning August 14

Cost:  Register to save your spot for only $10 registration fee then four equal payments of $60 (due at your first class, Sept 1, Oct. 1, Nov. 1)

August - All we can say is…Yum! You’ll “gobble up” this unit’s strawberries and pancakes, apples, raisins, and other yummy treats. Then you’ll move, move, move! Little bodies learn movement, coordination, and body awareness through contrasts–so get ready to move your body in high-and-low, large-and-small, and even energetic-and-calm ways.

September - An enduring favorite theme, farms (and all the moos, quacks, and neighs that come with them) are a reliable toddler hit! Packed with classics, Big Red Barn is fun and active as you move like animals, make animal sounds, play instruments, and learn about loud/quiet and fast/slow.

October -  For toddlers, “family” means everyone who loves them! They are often surrounded by family members, friends, and other loving caregivers who look after them and shape their days. Family All Around Me celebrates these bonds and offers lots of opportunities for fun, connection, movement, and instrument play.

November -  Here it comes, here it comes, here it comes…here it is! There it goes, there it goes, it’s going…it’s gone. Explore the sights, sounds, and sensations of cars, trains, and planes. Experience the steady beat of their clickity-clacks and vroom-vroom-vrooms, the fast-and-slow of their comings and goings, the stopping-and-starting, and the jingling of keys! Off we Zoom!


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Day & Time Unit Ages Teacher Location Price  
Tue at 4:30 PM starts 8/15/17 Monthly Themes 14m-2.5 Mrs. Michele Dawson Music Academy $240.00 Register!
Wed at 10:15 AM starts 8/16/17 Monthly Themes 14m-2.5 Mrs. Michele Dawson Music Academy $240.00 Wait List
Thu at 9:15 AM starts 8/17/17 Monthly Themes 14m-2.5 Mrs. Michele Dawson Music Academy $240.00 Wait List
Mon at 10:00 AM starts 8/14/17 Monthly Themes 14m-2.5 Mrs. Michele Conservatory of the Arts $240.00 Register!

Each family will receive a book or family guide with a new CD every four weeks.