Every day is a new beginning. A chance to help your child develop his or her highest potential and strongest foundation for learning. Your child's journey to success begins here. You are here because you instinctively know what science continues to demonstrate; young children thrive on music.

Experience a Kindermusik music class with your child and see why we are the world's leading music-and-movement program for children in early childhood.



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Out of over 4000 Kindermusik programs in the whole world, our program is in the top 1%; we ranked #37 in the world and #28 in the United States! 








Keep moving and get creative with your music-making while enjoying some quality bonding time with your little one.

Oh the creativity that ensues when you allow the child to lead.

 We offer in person classes that offer your family a safe Kindermusik experience.



 Registration is ALWAYS open!

If there is class availability you can join anytime for a pro-rated price.  

Having fun is just the beginning! Our curricula and expert educators provide engaging musical learning experiences during the years most critical to brain development. Our educators never stop learning and training so that we understand your child and how music scientifically impacts their development. Classes are designed to meet each child right where they are through singing, movement, instrument play, dancing, singing, bonding, story time, class rituals, intentional touch, vocal play, and so much more.



 Caring for our families is our first priority. Our vision is for your family to grow stronger by the bonds you will make every week with your child and other families.


Connecting with our families through our education and intentional musical play will inspire your family to continue the learning at home.


Creating these bonds and learning experiences will nurture a love for music that will remain in the heart of your child for a lifetime.



We offer open enrollment all year at a pro-rated price!


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