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Young Child Semester 4

6 years to 7 years



January 9 - May 4

 (must have completed semesters 1, 2, & 3 to take this class)

Age Range: 6 years to 7 years old

Class Structure: 15 classes in this session

Class Length: 1 hour class each week

Cost: Registration fee is $20 per family. Cost for the Monday Young Child 4 class (14 classes) is $254 (4 payments of $63.50), Cost for Thursday Young Child 4 class (15 classes) is $268 (4 payments of $67). 

In this final semester, we’ll introduce the recorder instrument. As your child is introduced to basic methods of playing simple melodic patterns and songs on this wind instrument, we’ll also incorporate the instruments, concepts, and songs from previous semesters. With a special emphasis on multicultural music, your child will learn to improvise and write music, as well as experience the musical styles of the Pacific Islands, Europe, and Africa; plus play special dances and children’s games from around the world, including Alpine dances, Mexico, and Ecuador.

Mini Themes:

  • Lessons 46-49: Aloha! Music of the Pacific Rim: The warm ocean breezes lead us to Momotarosan, a folk tale from Japan, Kapula Kane for a hula dance in Hawaii and a fishing outing with the Indonesian Boat Song. Along the way, there is an introduction to the RECORDER!

  • Lessons 46-49: Music of the Pacific Islands: There are music makers all around the world, with their own sounds and customs. In the Pacific we explore the Momotarosan story from Japan, sing along with the Indonesian Boat Men, and do the Hula with Kapula Kane in Hawaii.

  • Lessons 50-53: Yodelee-he-hoo! From the top of the Alps we will discover the music and traditional dances of Europe! Polka in Germany, circle games from Hungary and the maypole dance too! Meet the famous composer, Johann Sebastian Bach, and learn about keyboards of all kinds from harpsichord to synthesizer!

  • Lessons 50-53: The Music of Europe: From yodeling in the Swiss Alps to the poems of Mother Goose, much of our great music originated in Europe. With this beautiful backdrop we will play recorders, do the dance of the May Pole and Polka, and meet the “Grandfather of Western Music” Johan Sebastian Bach.

  • Lessons 54-57: Drumming Drumming All Around: We can learn a lot from the wonderful musical traditions of Africa! African drumming is about listening, echoing, creating and sharing. The animals of the African plains inspire stories and dances too!

  • Lessons 54-57: The Music of Africa Musical: Story telling is how children learn music in Africa. We will learn, play musical motifs and act out the classic fable of The Lion on the Path. The music of Africa includes syncopated drumming patterns, and cooperative ensembles of many kinds.

  • Lessons 58-60: A Musical Fiesta! In South America music is everywhere! We will hear the happy sound of a wandering Mariachi band, and the whispering pan pipes. There is a special rhythm that gives Latin music its distinctive sound – called SYNCOPATION. It is FIESTA time as we celebrate all we have learned! Ole!

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Day & Time Unit Ages Teacher Location Price  
Mon at 4:30 PM starts 1/9/23 Semester 4 6-7 Michele Mulder Dawson Music Academy $254.00 Wait List
Thu at 2:45 PM starts 1/12/23 Semester 4 6-7 Michele Mulder Meadow Brook School of Fine Arts $268.00 Full

Materials: folder with stickers, games bag, music at home cards, family songbook, CD, and soprano recorder.