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Level 4

4 years to 5 years


Level 4 classes help build a foundation for formal music instruction. Children explore basic music symbols and more complex instruments. Plus, families will observe their children master concepts that boost learning in other subjects.

What does a Level 4 music class look like?

This will be a lot of first experiences with musical concepts. A Kindermusik Level 4 class focuses on basic musical symbols, complex instruments, and more in-depth movement games. Children begin to master new music terms and concepts, and ready themselves for elementary math, reading, and writing.


What to expect...


“What does that sound like?” Level 4 students are exposed to the sounds of individual instruments as well as music that highlights different genres, cultures, and composers.

*Complex Instrument Play

Let’s turn it up a notch...children will participate in dances that include instruments, back-and-forth instrument play, and play patterns to songs.

*Language and Literacy

Children increase phonological awareness, focused attention, communication skills, and vocabulary.


The connections in the brain that are used to integrate new learning, make decisions, and think critically are strengthened.

*Musical Skills

Level 4 students show increased pitch accuracy when singing and gain a better understanding of rhythm patterns.





Age Range: 4 to 5 years old (drop off class)

Class Structure: 45 minutes each week

Cost: $5 registration fee plus $10 deposit student with balance paid on the first day of class ($60).

Miss a class? No worries, we offer unlimited makeups ALL summer! Schedule them easily on our website (click on enrolled families at the top of the homepage then make up a class).


Summer Themes

June Session Weeks - May 27, June 10, June 17, & June 24

No classes the week of June 3


Dance With Me (June) Put on your dancing shoes, it’s time to twirl, tap, leap, bow, and turn! Music makes people move in many different ways—and we get to find our own way, too.  You’ll learn dance steps, move expressively, explore instruments, and learn to play together in an ensemble. Come on in and Dance With Me!


 July Session weeks - July 8, July 15, July 22, July 29


All Keyed Up (July) We’re All Keyed Up! There is magic to be found in those 88 keys! Immerse yourself in the magic of keyboards of all kinds. Listen to and learn about pianos, organs, synthesizers, and harpsichords. You’ll explore staccato and legato sounds, get to know the sounds of a few famous composers, and even experiment with composition.



September 9 - December 5

Age Range: 4 years - 5 years old (drop off class)

Class Structure: 45 minutes each week

Cost: $25 registration fee for each family paid at registration, $201 for 12 weeks of classes, digital music, and 3 books (3 payments of $67 or full payment is accepted).

Miss a class? No worries, we have you covered! We offer unlimited makeups! Schedule them easily on our website by clicking on "enrolled families" at the top of the homepage then "makeup a class".


Fall Themes

Giggles (September): Nothing is better than small children with big senses of humor. Word play, tongue twisters, and silly songs are great for our bellies (belly laughs, that is) and great for cognition and vocabulary development, too! We draw on the rich tradition of humorous folk songs and explore folk instruments as we sing, play, and laugh together in Giggles.


Jazz Kitchen (October): What's cookin? Step into our Jazz Kitchen and you'll find out! With a bowl full of movement and generous servings of vocal play and improvisation, you'll be well on your way to a jazzy good time.


Rhythms of the Land (November): In Rhythms of the Land, you'll investigate drums, bells, rattles, singing, chanting, moving expressively, and the difference between beat and rhythm, as you explore the diversity of Native American cultures, music styles, and percussion instruments.


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Day & Time Unit Ages Teacher Location Price  
Mon at 3:30 PM starts 5/27/24 Monthly Unit 4-5 Michele Mulder Dawson Music Academy $70.00 Wait List
Mon at 3:30 PM starts 7/8/24 Monthly Unit 4-5 Michele Mulder Dawson Music Academy $70.00 Wait List
Thu at 3:30 PM starts 9/5/24 Monthly Unit 4-5 Jennifer Rose Reid Dawson Music Academy $201.00 Register!